2014 drum pic Soc media
Playing percussion and drums with
Cruise line for three years, able to play behind headliner acts like
Elvy Rose, Suzi Woods, and Clem Curtis, to name a few.

I am also
writing and collaborating
with other


2014 SAJC Chicago drums
Final Jam at 2014 Straight Ahead Jazz camp in Chicago, IL

Toured with American Entertainment Productions (AEP), and
continue playing Jazz, and other styles, Theatre, and other gigs.

 “Kerry is not only a creative expert at his music ability, he is committed to teaching what he has learned. A man is as good as his word, and Kerry puts that , in his love for the components of the music he composes. His book available on Amazon, is a must for all jazz drumming students. I actually do more then recommend Kerry’s instructional manual , EveryDay Workout for the Jazz Drummer. I sell it on my amazon music mall. Kerry is a leader in drum art, that could fade out in the industry, if it wasn’t for committed artist like himself, to spread his knowledge and passion.”
(@itunesreviews Kellie Levans @KerryKennard)


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